Friday, March 6, 2020

2020 Challenge

Challenge Guidelines

Star Celebration BOM #1

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2020 Challenge

Georgia Friendship Quilters Guild
2020 Challenge

The challenge is designed to complement the 2020 Block of the Month, Star Celebration.  Block patterns will be provided by the Program Committee and workshops facilitated for assistance in creating the blocks from February through November. 
The challenge is meant to be fun!


  • Creativity is desired, thus you choose the design layout.  Layouts are provided for creating a pieced unit in a horizontal block setting.  

o   Only block patterns from the Star Celebration Block of the Month may be used in the challenge. 

o   One or all of the block patterns may be used.

o   Block sizes may be altered for a larger or smaller finished unit.  Block patterns will be provided in 12” and 6” finished sizes.  Creators may modify the finished block size at their discretion.  A combination of blocks and block sizes may be used in the finished item. 

o   Blocks may be sashed or not.

o   Borders are at the creator’s discretion. 

o   Unit layout (horizontal versus on-point) is at the creator’s discretion.  EQ or other design software may be used to assist in creating a layout. 

  • Quilts from kits are not eligible. 
  • The submitted item must be new for this challenge.  The fabric does not have to be purchased in 2020, but the pieced unit must be created in 2020. 
  • A completed quilt item (top, batting, and backing) is not required to complete the challenge. 


  • This challenge is to create a pieced unit.  Quilt tops, table runners, and wall hangings are allowed.  Tote bags, placemats, rugs, etc. are not allowed.
  • The unit must be no smaller than 84” in circumference (Ex: 6” squares in a 3 by 4 setting).  The unit may be as large as you like.


  • The pieced unit must use at least 20 different fabrics.  The Star Celebration patterns, as published, use 17 unique colors (see chart below).  

Some colors are used in multiple blocks; however, not all colors must be used.  Combinations of fabric may be used to achieve the goal of 20 different fabrics.  The pieced unit can use one color (eg., monochrome design) or as many colors as desired as long as at least 20 different fabrics are used. 

  • The fabric style (traditional, modern, batik, etc.) is determined by the creator.  A combination of fabric styles may be used. 

Pieced units must be completed and presented during the December monthly meeting.  Challenge prizes will be voted on by members judging three criteria:  1) best pieced unit, 2) most creative layout, and 3) best use of color.  Only one entry per member.