Friday, December 1, 2017

Congratulations to One of Our Own

The Georgia National Fair is held each Fall in Perry, Georgia.  The Fair hosts over 450,000 visitors each year.  It has an extensive Home Arts competition drawing quilts from all over Georgia.  The competition is fierce.  

We are very proud of our member, Rhonda Stephenson, who received three ribbons.  
Rhonda received a Second Place Ribbon for her large Civil War Quilt called Letters to a Soldier.
She received a Third Place Ribbon for her small wall hanging quilt called Texas Hope.
Lastly, she received an Honorable Mention Ribbon for her large quilt called Indian Blanket.  

Rhonda used the Square In A Square technique from Jodi Barrows' books.  The names of the quilts are from Jodi's pattern names.  
When asked about her experience entering the Fair, Rhonda encouraged us to enter our quilts.  She said the process was easy as several quilt shops in the metro Atlanta area collect quilts and take them to the Fair.  She said the satisfaction of being rewarded for her talent validates her love of quilting.
Congratulations, Rhonda!


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